Indian doctors were arrested for fake coronavirus vaccinations

Police in Mumbai (India) have arrested 14 people who are related to the use of fake coronavirus vaccines. Doctors injected local residents with water instead of the drug, writes the Daily Mail.

In the period from May to June 2021, at least 12 fake vaccination programs were created in the city. More than 2.5 thousand people were given a fake vaccination against coronavirus infection — they were injected with a regular saline solution.

According to investigators, doctors who are employed in various Indian clinics are involved in the crimes: thanks to access to medical institutions, they could forge vaccination certificates and the solutions themselves.

Now the detainees have been charged with criminal conspiracy, fraud and manslaughter.

In June, similar incidents were reported in Kenya: local doctors injected local residents with water instead of a coronavirus vaccine and demanded money for it. At the same time, residents of an African country have the right to a free vaccination with the drug of the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca, which can be done in special medical centers accredited by the government. However, against the background of a shortage of the drug, some doctors began to offer Kenyans a vaccine for money, and then inject water instead.

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